Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey Dogfish Head...Sweet Glass!

Which glass takes top spot?

Kicking back and enjoying a craft beer is one of life's relaxing pleasures. Having that beer in a great glass can add to the experience.  Even though certain beers can require specific glassware I think most good beer drinkers have a favorite glass or two in their collection that handle a variety of beer styles. For me that glass has been the classic Duvel tulip. With a fairly large capacity, room for a brisk aroma raising swirl  and a fat bottom that fits perfectly in my palm, (make your own joke) the Duvel tulip is king in my cabinet.  No beer style has been denied access: Belgium Sours, DIPA's, Imperial Stouts, Rauchbier, Saisons, Pale Ales, Porters and so on have been enjoyed from those famous curves.

However, as of Sunday night there is a new glass on the rack and it's quickly moving in on the number one spot. From the creative mind that spawned "Randall the Enamel Animal" comes the Dogfish Head Signature Glass. Where the Duvel tulip flaunts sexy feminine curves, this goblet is all straight lines and heavy based machismo. A true man glass. What else would you expect from Mr. Calagione. While the 16oz capacity falls short of Duvel's 20oz and swirling requires a bit more care, what makes it a winner are good looks and a solid feel. Is it the end all, be all masculine imbibing vessel? Ehhh, maybe. Can it completely overtake the classic tulip? Hey for now it's the bad ass flavor of the week.  It's already a damn fine addition to my already over crowed glass collection. Time and many, many tastings will tell if it's worthy of the top self.  Cheers!

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