Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tasting Central Waters Peruvian Morning

The previous post focused on what's currently my favorite beer glass. Now it's time to highlight what recently went in it. 

Current glass of choice
Peruvian Morning is a Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout done by Central Waters Brewing in Amherst, Wisconsin. To be more specific it's a bourbon-coffee stout.  This is evident from the first sip. While the bourbon attacks the nose the coffee is what tackles the tongue. The roasted coffee/espresso bitterness is there from go along with some alcohol warmth. The flavors then slip to sweet dark fruit, caramel and bourbon with added touches of vanilla and oak. Though the flavor leans heavy on coffee the oak and bourbon really come through as it warms.

As satisfying as the flavor is, the appearance and mouth feel are disappointing. This is not a big, rich, chewy, sit by the fire on a winters night kind of beer. It's moderately thin. Not what I was expecting from a bourbon stout. The color follows the same underwhelming path. Instead of a deep, oily opaque, pour it's more brown/black with red hues.  Not a deal breaker, just not what I look for in a Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout. I'm sure I'm being slightly critical since my last two beers similar in style were KBS and Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout. Peruvian falls short of both.

The bourbon and coffee flavors, along with the aroma, are winners. I can see this as a solid breakfast/brunch beer. Pancakes with maple syrup, sausage and a Peruvian Morning, perfect! Although it won't take top spot among the heavy hitters in this style, Peruvian Morning is worth the purchase.

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